Break Procrastination, Build Success

About This Course

Duration: 5 hours


Explore procrastination and the auto-pilot, spot stress and frustration, detect the habits that keep you from daily performance and achievements.


Do you find the following words familiar?

  • I’ll do it tomorrow
  • I can’t focus
  • Let me get the little things done first!
  • I need to re-write my goals
  • I’m overwhelmed!
  • I can’t make a decision!
  • I have too much to do!
  • I can’t catch up!
  • Why do I keep postponing?!


I BE Institute invites you to our Break Procrastination, Build Success course delivered by Rola El-Annan, M. Ed, BCBA. This is a training course with a self-management program to help you break out of the procrastination cycle and celebrate success.


Together we will explore and discover:

  • Brain Tools to capture and manage behavior patterns
  • New behavior analytic and mindfulness tools to gain control of your achievement
  • Personal Resources that empower you to achieve and sustain results

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