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What does a personal coach do? Together with you, we explore your goals, aspirations, and strengths. We look for ways to maximize your potential and set goals you can achieve, and even exceed. We help you examine different areas of your life:

  • family and friends
  • romance
  • professional life
  • health
  • your environment
  • finances
  • fun and recreation
  • personal growth

Our approach combines mindfulness with the scientific fields of cognitive psychology, social psychology, and behavioural analysis, and is built on years of experience in clinical therapy. With this knowledge, we help you determine the areas in your life that may need change or working on. We collaborate with you to create a plan toward self-development, growth, and reaching your goals, then provide you with tools, skills, and feedback for results.


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You are an active participant in your own journey, and that journey can be meaningful, fun, interesting, and successful!