Mindful Brain Resources for Professionals

About This Course

Duration: 6 weeks


Work stressing you out?

A hundred tasks weighing on you?

Is your quality time compromised?

Always thinking about what you need to do while losing presence in the moment?


We all strive to find happiness, balance, and peace. How do we do that while we continue to live the life we do?


Mindful Brain Resources is a course designed with the most recent evidence-based tools to help you gain the skills you need to manage stress, reprogram your brain, and empower your emotional intelligence. We coach you using psychology, art therapy, applied behavior analysis, neuro-linguistic programming, education, and mindfulness.


Join us on a journey of self-exploration to cultivate new mind-habits, improve resilience, learn to manage difficult emotions, and open new channels of positive emotions and positive thinking in your professional life.


The course lasts 6 weeks, it includes an hour of live coaching each week, and daily online coaching activities.

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