Mindfulness Circle: Stepping into Freedom

About This Course

Duration: 8 weeks


As the world faces a global pandemic, we wake up every morning to a mix of fear, uncertainty and sorrow. Learn to honor these emotions and meet them with mindfulness, compassion and softness, as you pass through this experience.


Many are maintaining social distance and we are on a so-called state of lockdown. In many ways, we are in danger and scared of loss. We may consider this time as a time to be, a time to pause planning, thinking and analyzing, as much as we can and a time for retreat into the personal home. As we continue to explore suffering and learning, we grab this opportunity to intentionally respond to this crisis by calling our deepest wisdom, and our full compassion. And together, we can be the change for a kinder and more just world.


Finding Freedom Wherever We Are is an 8-week mindfulness circle designed to explore a safe emotional container to be and become. The circle is directed by Rola El-Annan, experienced mindfulness trainer. We will talk about mind attitudes, feeling, thinking, being, and doing. Each session will have a theme selected from different mindfulness curriculums and specially tailored for the context we live in today.


We will:

  • Remind each other to breathe, to smile, to treat ourselves and one another with kindness
  • Hold each other when we need support
  • Cultivate compassion and kindness
  • Take care of our families, and communities
  • Provide a safe container for our communities and ourselves
  • Take care of ourselves so that we don’t hand down our unfinished business to the next generation
  • Mobilize our passionate change energy on behalf of all humans in this small space to connect to our base and expand to life.


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