Ready! Set Goals!

About This Course

Our mind and body have been programmed to accept daily routines over the years. These routines develop into daily behavior patterns that if not explored, can turn into “autopilot” behaviors that run our lives for us.


To create new results, you need to create new strategies and new behaviors.

  • Join us for a four-hour active workshop to:
  • See your world with fresh eyes
  • To work through old habits and cultivate new ones
  • To open to possibilities you might have forgotten about
  • To explore your life book and take control of your goals
  • To set 5-year goals that are achievable, attainable and true.


With behavior analysis, positive psychology, and mindfulness, we explore new tools to bring new mind attitudes into preconceived notions. Together, we recognize the limitless experiences we can have in setting directions in our life.


During these hours, you will learn a lot about your character, yourself and your internal dialogue that either empowers you or deprives you from reaching your goals. This course is one of our personal growth and self-management courses delivered by Rola El-Annan.

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