Social Change at the Base (Survivors of Lebanon)

About This Course

Duration: 10 weeks


For many months now, our present and future have been unpredictable. Lebanon is undergoing a major political and economic crisis. Social change is taking place as a consequence of political and economic change. We are facing many difficult emotions. Some of us might have experienced wake-ups, and wake ups are messy and sometimes ugly. A lot of emotions are surfacing and with these emotions come the overthinking and over-planning. Something that doesn’t work while many variables are still changing and unpredictable. How can we become conscious of the change and step into the process? How can we improve awareness of our thoughts and emotions as we lead our own change process consciously and voluntarily?


Social Change at the base, delivered by Rola El-Annan, is a 10-week course for groups, designed to explore our social and emotional base through mindfulness science. Mindfulness is a form of cognitive training that allows us to choose deliberate acts for regulating attention and intention, through the observation of our thoughts, emotions, and body states.
Mindfulness comes in as a new personal revolution for observing and embracing our mind attitudes and exploring the positivity and nourishment of many new mindfulness attitudes.


We will work on cultivating:

  • An increased sense of calm
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Self-kindness versus self-judgment
  • A sense of common humanity versus isolation
  • Increased awareness of how to recognize stimulus- reaction versus stimulus-response patterns
  • Observation of automatic behavior
  • Enabling responding rather than reacting to stressful situations
  • Reduction of emotional reactivity
  • Space and freedom to choose constructive responses and conscious decisions

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