Trust where the Journey Takes You: A Map to Finding Freedom during Crisis

About This Course

Duration: 8 weeks


During unpredictable and traumatizing times, the present holds a lot of pain and the future looks uncertain. Find the tools you need to understand and heal from trauma.


We face fear, loss, confusion and on some days, we feel like we are playing on a cliff hanger. We might experience a lot of difficult emotions and witness high emotional reactivity.  With that, comes a lot of overthinking, over-planning, and over-analyzing; pushing our mental charge to a critical point.  We tend to live outside our bodies. The toxic-stress and burn-out can become a new norm. How can we ensure that we build resilience, patience, clarity, safety, and emotional freedom during this difficult process?


Trust Where the Journey Takes You is an 8-week group course designed to explore trauma and its related timeline with Rola El-Annan, Board-certified Behavioral Analyst. We combine acceptance, emotional regulation, cognitive flexibility, resilience in emotional intelligence, and self-healing. Members of the group have the opportunity to understand trauma, tap into the space of finding freedom through their internal connections, and to access tools from psychology, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, trauma therapy, and other research-based integrative techniques.


Through 8 weeks of practice, we will gain knowledge and skills in:

  • Understanding trauma
  • Exploring the time line of trauma
  • Becoming familiar with the process of trauma
  • Identifying where we are in the trauma process
  • Finding the tools to step into healing
  • Developing intentional and attentional presence to deal with pain
  • Learning emotional regulation and emotional freedom tools

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