Culture Transformation


Enhance your organisational culture with a behavioural approach


Organisational culture transformation can be used to bring about different objectives, such as increased sales, improved collaboration, or enhanced creativity. I BE’s culture change programs begin with a GAP analysis and exploration of your organisation’s cultural identity and your goals. Once we understand how things are working, we create a project plan with measurable key objectives.

This strategic plan for turning your objectives into results is always transparent and data-based. We use data measurement of the objectives so that you can track progress, gain self-awareness, and recognise the learning curves through the larger transformation. Plans are complete and can include coaching and/or mentoring to individuals, small teams, and large teams.


Our methods are based in state of the art scientific research in social psychology, NLP, and organisational behaviour management. We create solutions and learning steps to break un-productive team patterns and coach organisations towards growth.


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