Training Programs


Build targeted workshops for your staff


I BE partners with you to create tailor-made training programs for your staff. The process begins with a needs analysis to identify the desired skill sets, roles, and interactions within your organisation. From this analysis, coaching or training sessions are created to increase performance, redefine roles, and increase collaboration between employees. We use our skills and evidence-based research in

  • Organizational Behaviour Management
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming
  • Human Resources
  • Workplace Mindfulness
  • Coaching
  • Leadership Practices


to provide you with quality solutions that actually work to increase competency, and will not leave your staff rolling their eyes. Break team patterns, unravel team power, and build synergy by focusing on your team’s strengths, values, and diversity. Each workplace is unique, but each organisation can follow learning steps towards excellence. Some of our more customarily requested topics include:


  • Managing behaviour in the organisation
  • Effective goals and achievable OKRs (objectives with key results)
  • Optimizing staff performance
  • Team dynamics and improved collaboration
  • Effective communication and the solution brain
  • Creating organisational cultures and employee selection
  • Evaluating progress and measuring change
  • From managers to leaders
  • Personal management and growth
  • Mindfulness at work
  • Stress management


For a more holistic approach, you can create a full package for your organisation by incorporating our Vision Restructure and Corporate Culture services.


Contact us for more details on what we can do for you.