Mindful Circles during COViD online

As we wake up every morning, we continue to experience a mix of fear, uncertainty and sorrow, as the world faces a global pandemic. In many ways, we are in danger and scared of loss. No matter how this experience arrives, it’s important to honor our emotions and meet them with a lot of mindfulness, compassion and acceptance.
Many of us are maintaining spatial distance. We may consider this time, as a time to be, a time to pause planning, thinking and analyzing, as much as we can and a time for a personal home retreat.
As we continue to explore suffering and learning, we grab this opportunity to intentionally respond to this crisis by calling our deepest wisdom, and our full compassion. And together, we can be the change for a kinder and more just world.
On these exceptional and special days,
May we remember to be kind,
May we remember to celebrate the good,
May we notice the spring change, from any window this time
May we connect with kindness, inside our homes and reach out to the community
May we offer help to our world as much as we can
Time : 8:00 PM
Venue: ONLINE Zoom platform
Language: English
Join our mindfulness circle and explore a safe emotional container to be and become. Each session will have a mindfulness theme selected from different mindfulness curriculums tailoring for the context and the significant upcomings of today.
Please use the link here to register or click on the tickets to register.
See you on Sunday March 22, 2020.
Love for all,


Mindfulness brings me back the moment, I was living either past or future, missing the only thing that I really can be in, which is now. Along this journey of Mindfulness learning sessions, I discovered “me, my self, an I” better than ever, even though it comes to end but it was really the start for a better way to live my life. I can’t describe this experience with few words because it’s beyond letters and sentences, it’s about getting out of the matrix and jump to new dimensions with a new point of view about bring back intentions and attention to meet again, it’s the simplest form of complexity.


Taha Zaylaa – AZM School – Finding Freedom


Life and time are the two best teachers. Life teaches us to make good use of time and time teaches us the value of life

As long as I lived, I’ve never been aware of the present moment. I was always here but not truly HERE… I never knew how to cherish the single moment I was living without thinking of the things that I needed to do next…I was always lost in my thoughts, focusing on my past and future, I was never conscious that I was ‘’here’’ because of the breaths I was taking in that specific moment!!
And that is what I enjoyed learning with you Rola! Really thank you for starting with us this journey of mindfulness! Thank you for helping us to pause, to think of our wellbeing, our existence, and to listen to our breathing and be mindful of the moment, of that breath!

Can’t thank you enough Rola!


Samar Afyouni – AZM School – Finding Freedom

“ Right at the very beginning of the Covid19 virus outbreak, IBE Institute was a pioneer in anticipating the mental health needs that arose from this exceptional situation. IBE provided me, through this course, with different mindfulness tools from the weekly sessions conducted online and post sessions activities, which helped me to better observe my behavior through curiosity, accept what can and cannot be changed in life and during these circumstances and adjust my behavior according to what best serves being mentally balanced, healthy and what makes me a happier person. For that, I am forever grateful and thankful to Rola Annan who has introduced me to this mindfulness lifestyle and continued to pave the way of this wonderful journey.”


Natalia Tabbara – AZM School – Finding Freedom