Using ABA to Promote your Child’s Development

How to best coach your child in language, communication, and social skills?

IBE Institute proudly presents to you a series of workshops that address Building a Healthy Family Culture and Parenting. For series 1, join us to explore the Principles and Teaching Strategies of Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior. If you have a child who has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum, or if your child struggles with language, social or communication difficulties, this is the right workshop to be. Come and learn how to become your child’s best therapist!

Upon the request of parents, the schedule has been updated. Please check the new schedule details below.

This training is suitable for parents, special educators, shadow teachers and other paraprofessionals interested to learn about ABA/VB Principles and Techniques.

Rola El-Annan, M.Ed., BCBA

  Helnan Landmark Hotel -Hayden Hall. 86 South 90 Street- New Cairo. Location Link

  Mon: Nov 29, Tues: Nov 30, Wed: Dec 1, Mon: Dec 6, Tues: Dec 7

  8:30 am  – 1:30 pm on each day.


Only 25 spots are available! Early bird prices for the first 10 participants. To check prices and availability: Send an email to and we will respond to you in 24 hours.

Parents who join this course will also benefit from 45 min free consultation session with IBE consultant. Book this session to discuss further your family and child’s needs and aspirations.


10 names will be selected in a draw on the 3rd day.

Day 1 – ABA : The Principles Nov 29, 2021

1. An Overview of Family Culture: Who we are?
2. Establishing Positive Emotional Containers
3. History of Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior
4. The ABC Paradigm

Day 2 – ABA: Principles and Techniques Nov 30, 2021

1. Reinforcement and Punishment
2. An Environment that Nurtures Learning
3. 7 Steps to Establishing Instructional Control
4. Capturing Motivational Operations


Day 3 – Techniques Dec 1, 2021

1. Types of ABA Teaching
2. Prompting and Fading
3. Task Analysis and Chaining
4. Discrete Trial Teaching Programs
5. Creating Learning Curves


Day 4 – Verbal Behavior and Social Skills Dec 6, 2021

1. What is Verbal Behavior?
2. Teaching Tacting, Manding, Echoing and Imitation
3. Assessment: The First Step into the World of ABA
4. A Quick Overview on VB-MAPP
5. Stimulating Social Growth: Social Skills Inventory


Day 5 – Overview on Intervention Dec 7, 2021

1. Understanding Behaviors and Functions
2. Antecedent Interventions
3. Consequences Interventions
4. The Big 4

This course also discusses other available therapies/treatments that complement ABA and highlights building a child’s program and recruiting a multidisciplinary team.